Do it yourself: Neckband Embroidery

Nice way to add some sparks to your everyday blouse!


Step 1

Take a 20 – 30 cm length of sewing thread and knot the end so the beads can’t slip off. Using the needle, thread on as many beads as will fit onto your thread.


Step 2

Remove the needle and now knot the other end of the thread securely.


Step 3

Lay the string of beads on the band, as desired, leaving 1cm free on the longer side, where the press fasteners will be sewn on.


Step 4

Using a second thread (shown red above), sew the string of beads onto the band.


Step 5

When the first string of beads has been completely sewn in place, thread a new string of beads and repeat the process until the band in entirely covered with beads.




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